graphic design

when details matter


detailed design to make your business look professional

Coalmine Canary specialises in the creation and refinement of technical information communication tools, as well as graphic design for the printing industry. Attention to detail is a key priority. Coalmine Canary can sweat the small stuff, while you focus on big picture goals.

presentation slides

Prezi – animated slides
improving existing decks


excel graphs and tables
event maps

editable PDF forms

let clients complete and lodge your forms on screen including digital signatures


pull-up banners
vehicle wraps
street and fencing signage
safety signage

business documentation

strategy and values documents
organisational charts
instruction manuals
annual reports

marketing collateral

business cards and stationery
membership and reward cards
brochures, flyers and folios
press advertising

graphics manipulation

vector logo creation and alteration
colour correction
file conversion
photograph repairs and filters

printing solutions

prepress & print production management
colour selection and setup
specialty finishes and die cuts
packaging and promotional items


WordPress development and updates
Mailchimp newsletter templates
social media imagery creation
digital banner advertising


Just some of the good things to come out of the coal mine.
Parcel Nest Brochure design


Deb Trebilcock

Lead Canary

Deb has over 15 years experience in graphic design and marketing management roles.

She holds a Bachelor of Visual Communication (Graphic Design) from the University of South Australia and an Honours Degree in Social Science (Philosophy) from Adelaide University.

It turns out a touch of OCD also comes in handy in this line of work.

Deb enjoys design (not for the creativity but for the order), nature, philosophising, and running (really, really far).


to make the world more beautiful, one document at a time


code of conduct in the coal mine


  • pay attention
  • notice the little things
  • measure twice, cut once
  • do work you’re proud of

common sense

  • do what you say you will
  • make it practical
  • say it straight, don’t waffle
  • respect other’s time

square pegs

  • think outside the box
  • be curious
  • find a better way
  • be human


  • accept the challenge
  • learn how
  • persevere
  • be better tomorrow


who we have proudly worked with

kind words

I’ve engaged Deb’s creative services to develop a range of print & electronic marketing pieces, from pdfs, Powerpoint decks and websites, to e-newsletters, print invitations and more. Deb’s attention to detail is second to none. She’ll take a fairly loose layperson brief, ask the right questions, and then deliver a terrific product that’s always aligned with the sentiment of what I was looking for. Deb’s ability to deliver high quality materials super-quickly is just so rare, and it’s incredibly valuable. Most of all, she’s super-easy to deal with, making it stress-free and giving you confidence that she’ll have what you need in the timeframe you need it. Where most creative agencies will turn their nose up at small, ad hoc pieces of work (or try upselling you), Deb’s always been more than happy to help out with anything, small, medium or large.  I have no hesitation in recommending Deb’s services to anyone!

Troy Forrest, Strategy Road and Forrest Workshops

Deb has been of significant assistance to Bakjac Consulting in designing marketing material to enhance our brand. Deb really lives the values of Coalmine Canary and has exceptional attention to detail. She displayed curiosity about what we do as an organisation, so as to gain a real sense of our culture. Deb showed patience and perseverance to make sure every detail was right and provided guidance and professional support to ensure a fantastic outcome for work designed. I would highly recommend Deb for her professionalism and dedication and for her innovative and collaborative working style.

Michelle Bakjac, Bakjac Consulting

so what's with the canary anyway?

Well into the 20th century, coal miners brought canaries into coal mines as an early-warning signal for toxic gases, primarily carbon monoxide. The birds, being more sensitive, would become sick before the miners, who would then have a chance to escape.

At Coalmine Canary, we believe that the same sensitivity, or acute attention to detail, is extremely important in business too. How you portray your brand visually, speaks volumes to your customers no matter the quality of your business or your ‘big picture’ intentions. It’s these little things that will be judged.

image: the last canary to work down a British coal mine 

canaries introduced into coal mines

canaries phased out from coal mines


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